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Our commitment to eco-friendly dentistry

Our commitment to eco-friendly dentistry

Eco-friendly dentistry

Eco-friendly dentistry is not a choice for us

It is our only option. When it comes to preserving our environment and being kind to the city and people we cherish, we believe there are no shortcuts. This is why all of our clinics are committed to providing eco-friendly dentistry to our patients.

We continuously strive to improve our operations and provide high-quality, guilt-free experience for our patients, alongside a safe working environment for our colleagues.

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A few of the steps we've taken towards eco-friendly dentistry:

Paperless Clinic

With an online booking system and completely digitalised dentists’ diaries, we’re attempting to become completely paperless by 2022.

CCCA Members

We’ve joined the Camden Climate Change Alliance to liaise with like-minded businesses and stay on top of innovation in eco-friendly dentistry.

Purified Water

All of our clinics run entirely on purified water using the advanced technology provided by Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Digital Impressions

To minimise the use and transportation of excessive dental materials, we now take teeth impressions using a 3D digital scanner.

Recyclable Supplies

There’s no insignificant act in eco-friendly dentistry – exchanging even the most miniature material to a recyclable one makes a dramatic difference in time.


All appliances used throughout the LDN Dental clinic – from dental equipment through to lightbulbs – are high-end power-saving ones.

Mercury-separating machinery

Using technology which extracts the mercury from amalgam fillings allows us to recycle some of the materials and significantly reduce the mercury, discarded in the central water systems.

Digital X-rays

All X-rays taken in our clinic are created and transferred using digital technology, helping us spare the materials and ensure that no X-ray is lost or misplaced.

Mercury-free Dentistry

We’ve completely moved away from amalgam fillings, now only working with white, composite fillings, ensuring that neither our colleagues nor our patients are exposed to toxic substances.

CEREC Technology

Utilising an in-house CEREC machine, we create restorations (bridges, crowns, veneers) within a single appointment, sparing you travel and minimising the transportation of dental materials.

Digital Communication

At LDN Dental we use only digital communication systems for all of our internal and external needs.

Bulk Ordering

By combining our materials order with the orders of the rest of the Baker Street Dental group practices we minimise goods transportation while optimising the workflow.

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