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Greyed out death tooth and how to fix it?

If you notice that one of your teeth is turning grey, please do not ignore this! Greyed out tooth, known more commonly as a discoloured tooth, is usually the result of dental trauma. The loss of whiteness signifies that the tooth is not receiving adequate blood flow, and while in some rare cases, the tooth may heal itself (if the trauma is minor), this is unlikely for over 98% of the cases.

What to do?

The first thing you will need to do is book a consultation with a dentist. After examining your tooth and jaw (perhaps an X-ray will be needed), the dentist will be able to advise you if the tooth will heal. If it will not, as will be confirmed in most cases, a root canal treatment will be needed. 

The root canal (endodontic) treatment will allow the dentist to remove the dead tissue and fill the tooth’s root with white dental resin, restoring the initial colour. However, if the tooth has been damaged more severely, it may require bleaching to restore its whiteness.

What if bleaching won’t do?

You may decide that bleaching isn’t suitable for you for many reasons. If you do, not all is lost, and there are still options available at your disposal. One of these options is composite bonding, or, to be more precise – composite veneers. After the root canal is performed, a composite veneer can cover the visible surface of the tooth and restore your beautiful smile.

Using ceramic veneers is also an option, and at LDN Dental, we are delighted to offer same-day ceramic CEREC veneers to our patients. This basically means that within a single day, you can walk out of our clinic with a smile, completely uninterrupted by visual imperfection.

Don’t let trauma affect the quality of your life

Is it easy to become self-conscious if your teeth fail to demonstrate the joy that your smile carries, and we at LDN Dental understand this well.

In our efforts to support our new and existing patients, we offer a full range of dental services with an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry and have the ability to restore any smile. Our dentists and specialists are trained to work with anxious dental patients, and we always ensure that you feel comfortable both physically and mentally during the procedures.

We take special measures for our nervous dental patients and offer finance plans to help you make the experience easy in all aspects. If you’d like to find out more, talk to our friendly receptionists or book an initial consultation with one of our dentists to begin your journey.

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