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important to straighten your teeth

Why is it important to straighten your teeth?

Many have become obsessed with the smiles of Hollywood celebrities, and that’s not surprising. The ability to flash a gorgeous set of teeth and disarm any negativity is something we’d all want to be able to do. But few realise that teeth straightening has many other positive effects that we rarely talk about. 

Less poison for your body

Yes, you read that right! Straight teeth are much easier to keep clean, and simple brushing and flossing help remove the most significant part of bacteria from the mouth. In contrast, when your teeth are not aligned, bacteria is way more challenging to remove. In cases of overcrowding, it can hide well between teeth tightly pushed together, and in cases of gaps, it finds its way before the gumline faster.

The problem this causes is that bacteria in the mouth often creates mini infections, which may not be noticeable easily, but end up releasing toxins in your body through your saliva. In the long run, these mini infections and toxins can manifest through various diseases, and we’d never be able to predict the outcome. Straightening your teeth can help keep your whole body healthy, so long as you combine with regular oral hygiene.

If you floss before you brush, however, you remove the excess of food from in between your teeth, and your oral hygiene process is the most effective it can be.

Younger-looking face

We rarely consider the teeth when thinking about the appearance of cheeks and lips. But just ask any person wearing dental dentures to remove them, and you’ll instantly notice the difference. Well-aligned teeth support the skin in the right places and help us appear youthful for longer.

Furthermore, a well-aligned bite will ensure that the teeth don’t wear off irregularly, which will retain the appearance of our facial features untouched for far longer. And don’t think that teeth straightening is just for young people – with clear aligners, lingual braces (attached at the back of the teeth), you can straighten your teeth at any age with stunning results!

Healthier teeth for a lot longer

When your bite is not aligned well, the teeth usually meet the opposite arch at a wrong angle, causing the teeth to wear off excessively over time. The wearing off of the dentine causes your teeth to be more prone to developing caries, and caries to reach the nerves of the teeth quicker, requiring a root canal treatment. When your teeth are aligned, on the other hand, chewing your food is a lot easier and doesn’t wear off the teeth as much.

Easier weight retention

Surprised? You needn’t be. One of the reasons behind quick weight loss is eating more significant portions of food, often caused by the inability to chew food properly. See, the sensors in our body that tell us when we’re full are all located in the mouth. When food is chewed well, all ingredients reach these sensors allowing them to quickly understand when we’ve had enough and signal the brain to stop sending hunger messages. When we don’t chew well, much more food ends up entering the stomach than we’d need if our body could react.

Furthermore, chewing your food correctly converts it into the mesh that your intestines can efficiently deal with. When this isn’t the case, more significant amounts of stomach acid is needed for the food to be digested, affecting your energy, causing acid reflux, gasses, and a general feeling of being unwell.

And last but not least, the positive effect on our confidence is not to be ignored. We’re all energy, and the story we tell ourselves matters for the levels of happiness we’ll experience. Having a beautiful smile will enhance how you feel about yourself and undoubtedly help you smile more, thus sending signals to your brain that you’re happy without any worry blocking it.

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