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Why cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about vanity

In the modern world, when we hear about a cosmetic procedure, we often think about vanity. Sure, body positivism and other similar movements are slowly changing the conception around cosmetics, but it will take until we truly get there.

Dental cosmetic procedures, however, need to be differentiated. In some 95% of the cases, cosmetic dental procedures help people not only with their appearance but also with their health. How did you ask? Read on!

Braces can help your digestive system (and even help with weight loss)

Although this sounds like quite a bold statement, let me elaborate. When teeth are misaligned, the chewing function is usually impaired—the more severe the misalignment, the worse the problem. If you are unable to chew your food correctly, it will reach your guts in larger chunks, making it difficult for your digestive systems to extract all the nutrients and vitamins it is supposed to give you. The result? Your organism will receive less from your food and likely “request” more considerable amounts of it in the efforts to compensate. If this only happened over a day or a week, it wouldn’t be a problem. Nonetheless, when unaddressed, this could be one of the reasons for poorer general health and weight gain.

Bridges and dental crowns also help with your digestion

Much like well-aligned teeth, ensure that you can chew your teeth properly, so do crowns and dental bridges. When you lose a tooth and need a dental bridge or become damaged and needs a crown, your chewing function is instantly impaired. The fact that your chewing sometimes changes overnight can make things worse. If you suddenly start feeling bloated or your gassiness increases after tooth damage, you can be almost 100% sure that the damage is at fault.

And what about veneers? How are they helpful?

Although veneers are often seen as one of the purest forms of vanity, this could be quite a wrong perception. There are several ways veneers can help. Composite veneers, for example, can help with exceptionally sensitive teeth. They do not require an extensive shaving of your teeth, and the layer of composite around the tooth can make eating and drinking easy again.

Ceramic veneers can be beneficial in cases of autoimmune diseases, where the teeth become brittle and discoloured.

The unexpected benefit of teeth whitening

To finish this list, I cannot fail to mention the unexpected benefit of teeth whitening. The gel used during the whitening procedure is highly antiseptic. The duration of teeth whitening, combined with the additional home whitening top-ups, can help people with gum diseases. When the gel enters below the gum line, it kills the bacteria, allowing the gums to heal faster. Combined with regular dental hygiene, this can be an absolute game-changer for your gum health.

And what a smile can do for your health and career

A recent study* suggests that smiling can help us recover faster from stress, and it can decrease our heart rate. Another study demonstrates a link between smiling and productivity, directly connecting it to your career development. None of that, of course, will be possible if you’re terrified of smiling because you’re concerned about the look of your teeth.

Book a consultation, and let’s chat

If you’ve been thinking about improving your smile but never got around to it because of one reason or another, perhaps this article will help you choose yourself. Our experienced dentists and specialists can help you decide the correct treatment for you and how to address all of your concerns. And, of course, we offer finance plans to help you spread out the cost of your treatment up to 60 months!


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