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Smile makeover

Complete smile makeover – how it works

What do clinics mean when advertising a smile makeover?

Although the concept seems intuitive patients are often confused by what a smile makeover entails and, in this article, we will aim to answer this question and help you understand what service you can receive.

Whilst most dental treatments are delivered separately as a single solution, patients often find themselves needing more than one approach to achieve the smile they desire. This may mean that they will need teeth straightening, combined with whitening, teeth contouring and teeth bonding to get them from A to Z. For others, like the author of this article, the process will include bone grafting, teeth straightening with braces, whitening, and dental implants. 

Smile makeover vs separate services?

When you’re after a series of treatments as described above, you have two options: seek out each treatment separately and complete them one by one or find a clinic that can offer a holistic approach and has the specialists that can come together and design a combined treatment. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each approach

Separate services

Separate services

If you opt for separate dental services to transform your smile, this puts you in the driver’s seat. You’ll need to find out exactly what your smile requires and the right order for the treatments to be performed. You then have the opportunity to find the right specialist in each area and control the financial aspect of the treatment by delaying parts of it if necessary. On the not-so-positive side, you will not be able to take advantage of any full treatment discounts that a holistic approach from a single clinic may offer you. You will need to go to a different clinic for each aspect of your treatment, and even though a smile makeover is generally difficult to estimate in terms of both time and cost, having it done by different clinicians will increase the uncertainty in this area.

Smile makeover from a single clinic

Smile makeover from a single clinic

The positive side of having your smile makeover completed in one clinic is that you do not need to re-learn a location every time you’re ready to take the next step. Furthermore, where a single clinic offers all treatments from the package, you will benefit from a discount, and you can use a single financing application, for example, to fund the treatment from beginning to end. And last but not least, clinicians working from a single clinic can discuss and agree on the approach for your treatment before it even begins, securing you the most relaxed journey possible.

Why is smile makeover often the best solution?

As mentioned above, a smile makeover is a way to approach the health and aesthetics of your smile at once, without going from a clinic to a clinic, comparing offers and driving yourself mad. When opting for this service you will know what you’re signing up for from the start and what results you can expect, along with the timeframe for your treatment.

What to know before you begin

If you’ve decided to opt for a smile makeover, prepare yourself for a period of consultations and estimations at the start. A smile makeover is a holistic approach, which calls for careful treatment planning before the actual treatment begins. When you receive your final treatment plan, you can discuss the signposted actions and duration with each specialist to ensure that you’ll be ready before the deadline you have in mind. 

If your smile makeover will involve an element of dental bonding such as veneers or closing a dental gap, request that a mock-up of the result is included in your treatment offer. This will give you the chance to preview the smile before it is applied by the dental bonding specialist. Furthermore, if your treatment requires implants, ensure that you have all documentation relevant to the implant – you will need it if you relocate, and another dentist needs to take over the regular check-ups of your dental implants.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any more questions or would like to book a smile makeover appointment!

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